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Is WiFi free?

Free Wi-Fi is available for reasonable use such as checking emails and web browsing (but not suitable for large downloads).



Should I book directly or via one of the major booking sites?

With most properties, including ours, you're usually much better off booking directly. You'll get the same rate and you don't have to go through some overseas call centre and wait 3 days for a response every time you have a question or there's a problem.


What kind of open fire do you have?

We have an ethanol burner mounted in the wall between the lounge and bathroom. This fire burns with a lovely

flickering blue flame and uses fuel made from a renewable resource (sugar cane). It does provide some heat but is mainly for effect (like the old fireplaces). We provide complimentary fuel in winter (June-August), or whenever there's a cold snap with night time temperatures below 12 degrees (other times fuel is available for purchase).



How far is the nearest town?

The nearest township is Glass House Mountains (6Km, 8 mins). It has a few take-away outlets, Chinese restaurant, pub, bottle shop, chemist, post office, and an IGA supermarket open daily until about 7pm.



How does the Security Deposit work?

This is an authorisation on your credit card. It's not a purchase, so no funds are taken out, but the money does need to be in the account as it freezes the funds for 5-10 business days. If you ask us at check-in we can make a call so that it may only take about 5 business days.



Can you offer late check-outs?

It's difficult for us to do this as we only have 3 cottages and they're full most of the time, hence we have to charge for this service ($35/per hour). You can add the first hour as an optional extra when you book via our site, but if you want extra hours please check with us the day before arrival. Early check-ins are much easier for us to do, just ring us on the mobile after 10.30am on your arrival day.



Which is the best airport, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore, MCY) is a little closer and a much easier airport to get to us from (about 40 mins), but has less flights going to it. Brisbane airport is about 50 mins away, and is right next to the Bruce Highway, so is a very simple though busier route.



if coming from overseas should i buy a travel sim card for my phone?

If you're in Australia for more than a week, and if you will not be spending your whole time in major cities, then definately yes. You can pick them up at petrol stations, newsagents and supermarkets. There are many on the market but if you don't want to spend a fortune on Global Roaming they are a good investment and will allow you to use WiFi in areas where it's not available. They give you cheap local and International calls and some Internet usage for as little as $30, and ideally they are Pay as You Go, so no long-term contracts.



Are there any special conditions of use for the cottages?

The major ones are:

  • We are a "No-party" property as we provide a peaceful and quiet refuge from city life.
  • That you don't interfere with the Kangaroos. You can watch them as much as you like, and they're wonderful creatures, but because they're wild they could be dangerous if they feel threatened, so we ask you not to try and get close to them.
  • Because we have beautiful timber floors, we ask you to leave your shoes outside (we do provide complimentary slippers). This has nothing to do with keeping the floors clean, but is to prevent damage to the floors from grit that may be on your shoes (a common occurrence in the country).


How many people can you have in a cottage?

Three. This can be 3 adults or 2 adults and one child ($70/night extra for 3rd person). Infants under 1 year old are free and you need to bring your own porta-cot.



Do you take children?

We can take children over 1 year old. Please note that we are a working farm with an unfenced dam on the property, and the cottages are designed for adults (style) rather than children (practical) so it would be easy for a very active/ inquisitive child to cause damage. Whilst we advise parents that our property is not suitable for children aged 2-6, we are happy to accommodate them as long as you understand and accept the risks and take full responsibility for your child.






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